How Long Is A Rental?

You can place a Reserve rental for 4 or 7-day reservations. We recommend you book your order to arrive 2 days prior to your event to ensure you have plenty of time to get the perfect look. Think of it this way:

Day 1 - Receive your items & try it on

Day 2 - Accessorize and find the right shoes for perfect outfit

Day 3 - Wear it (and rock it) at your event like the QUEEN you are!

Day 4 - Return your rental at your nearest UPS location by 12PM


What happens if I return my order late?

Unfortunately, late orders have a domino effect. When you return something late, it means the next person who was planning on wearing that style no longer can.

In order to ensure all of customers have an exceptional experience (with an on-time delivery), a late fee of $10 per day will be charged to the credit card you used for the order (or to any other credit card included on your account). You will be charged up to 100% of the retail value of the products you ordered, plus applicable sales tax. This late fee is in addition to the rental fee for the products.

Late Fee Policy Details:

  • Returns must be dropped off at a UPS store located in the United States by 12 p.m. on or before the return date specified in your order. This ensures that your package will be scanned by UPS by the next day and returned to Rave Babe Apparel on time. Rave Babe Apparel will not cover additional fees incurred due to international shipping.
  • Please note that you are liable for any late fees incurred, regardless of any third party involved with the return. Do not leave your rentals with any third party (hotel, mail room, friend) for return.
  • If you lose the return packaging, you are responsible for returning the item at your own expense by the expected return date, and providing Rave Babe Apparel with a tracking number. Returns should be sent to the following address:


Rave Babe Apparel

31 Butterwick Court

Sacramento, CA 95838


  • The late fee is payable for each order that is not returned when due, not for each product. For example, if you rented two items in one order, you will be charged $10 per day, not $20 per day in late fees.
  • If you have not returned a rental item within 20 days after the return date, your late return will be considered a non-return and Rave Babe Apparel will charge your credit card or debit card the maximum late fee, less any fees, plus applicable sales tax that you have already paid.


Does Rave Babe Apparel charge taxes on rentals and purchases?

State and local taxes, if applicable, will be added to the sales or rental price of your order. RBA is registered to collect tax in all states and the District of Columbia. RBA determines whether sales, rental or similar taxes are applicable to an order based on tax requirements in the state and/or locality to which the order is shipped or where you pick it up. The amount of tax charged on your order will depend on factors including the type of item(s) rented or purchased and the price of the item(s) in an order. If changes are made to your order, including an updated shipping or pick-up location, or if the tax rates in the applicable jurisdictions have changed at the time of the change to the order, the tax we charge may also change. No sales tax is charged when purchasing gift cards, but rentals or purchases made through the use of  gift cards may be subject to tax.


What If I Accidentally Stain or Damage My Reserve Rental?

We understand that some wear and tear may be inevitable, and the $5 insurance fee covers minor stains and damage. However, significant damage and theft aren't covered under insurance. If the item is damaged beyond repair or never returned, the fee is the retail price of the item. Please refer to our Rental Agreement for additional information.


Do you ship internationally?

At this time we only ship orders within the U.S., including Hawaii and Alaska. Orders must also be returned from within the U.S.


How Are The Clothes Cleaned?

Rave Babe Apparel uses a variety of techniques to ensure that each style is carefully machine washed thoroughly. Each item is inspected for quality and packaged with care so that it’s ready for you to wear. 


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