Established in March 2018, Rave Babe Apparel is based in sunny Sacramento, California, founded & operated by Chelsea L.

Her love for music festivals, festival fashion, and Bachelor's Degree in Business, influenced her to pursue her passion in opening an online store dedicated to #RaveBabes that have just as much love for raving/rave community as she did!

Rave Babe Apparel is built on a set of core values that support our commitment to inspire and empower women to practice self-love & confidence♡

Interviewed by Grace M.

Q: What inspired you to start this company?

A: I have so much love and passion for the community in addition to  simply attending raves. I thought it would be a promising opportunity that would allow me to go back into the rave scene and stay, but be involved for a long while.

Q: Your experience in the rave community?

A: I've been raving since 2014. I instantly fell in love with the community and was going to music festivals/ events as many times as my financials allowed. haha. Then eventually, I started thinking about ways I could get back into the rave scene and then Rave Babe Apparel was born (: YAY! lol

Q:Your values sound very true to heart, what's the inspiration behind your mission statement?

A: RBA's values are an extension of my personal values. I felt there was no way I could build a business around generic values that I didn't truly believe in. My business is who I am, so my values should be the same.  

Q: You're so young, how did you manage to start this business with the limited resources you have/what resources did you have?

A: Google, Youtube, Pinterest. I dedicated weeks just researching as much as I can. The best thing I learned about being in college is that I'm more capable of achieving more things, if and only if I am open to learning new things. I don't have everything figured out at all. So far from it, but I'm constantly learning as I go. 

Q: What do you do in your spare time?

A: Work.. that's literally all I do. haha. I'm in my senior year in college, I have this business, and I'm also trying to get my real estate license. I spend most of my time at home if not at work with my furbaby Kody, our mini-husky, and my bf, Austin. 

Q: What's some advice you'd give to someone who wants to do the same?

A: If anyone is interested in starting their own business, I highly recommend finding a mentor. You will go so much farther being around someone that knows the industry you're trying to break in to and you minimize your mistakes because you would learn from theirs. BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER: you have to fail to succeed. you have to fail in order to learn. If anyone is interested in starting their own business in online retail/ festival fashion. I am more than welcome to answer any questions. Feel free to email me at Chelsea.Luciani@yahoo.com (:  

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